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Bots and AI generated answers on r/explainlikeimfive


Recently, there's been a surge in ChatGPT generated posts. These come in two flavours: bots creating and posting answers, and human users generating answers with ChatGPT and copy/pasting them. Regardless of whether they are being posted by bots or by people, answers generated using ChatGPT and other similar programs are a direct violation of R3, which requires all content posted here to be original work. We don't allow copied and pasted answers from anywhere, and that includes from ChatGPT programs. Going forward, any accounts posting answers generated from ChatGPT or similar programs will be permanently banned in order to help ensure a continued level of high-quality and informative answers. We'll also take this time to remind you that bots are not allowed on ELI5 and will be banned when found.

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Engineering Eli5: Why are most public toilets plumbed directly to the water supply but home toilets have the tank?


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Other ELI5 Why is video so prevalent in social media nowadays? Often information has to be condensed to fit the time allowed and it makes it more difficult to follow rather than text


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Technology ELI5 Why are hands difficult for ai images?


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Chemistry Eli5: Why does sea water kill us but electrolyte solutions actually hydrate us? Aren't they both water + salts?


Edit: Question answered. Thanks!

Don't be too hard on me, I almost failed chemistry:'(

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Physics ELI5 Why do full ice cube trays eventually sublimate into empty ones, yet frost accumulates on every other surface in the freezer?


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Technology ELI5: how come when you speed up an audio track, the pitch also (usually) goes up?


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Planetary Science ELI5 If you spin in a zero gravity / space capsule, will you get dizzy?


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Chemistry Eli5 Why do some drugs (ie party drugs) work immediately while others need time (weeks) to get in your system? Could a higher dose get them in your system faster?


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Economics eli5 : How does pension work?


You pay into a pot and the pot pays you money you paid in after you retire?

Country for reference : UK (not sure if this makes things different)

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Chemistry ELI5 Why does a metal keychain-charm go black after years of use?


I have a metal charm on my keychain that used to be very shiny. Due to wear and daily usage on my keychain on some parts it has gotten a deep black color while on some others it looks copper-y, why is that?

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Technology ELI5: How can downloading a pdf or word file give you a virus?


A pdf file doesnt have any special permissions or anything so i cant think of any way that itd be able to
is viewing a pdf file in chrome completly safe?
how does editing a word document leave you more vulnerable than if you were just viewing it?

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Mathematics ELI5: How did bookmakers determine what odds to set prior to computerized models?


Before computerized analytical models became common place how did bookies set odds.

Was it just through a hell of a lot of mathematics and statistics or was it just more of a guestimate as to what odds would make the bookmaker a profit in the long run?

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Chemistry Eli5: where does chapstick / lip balm go?


I’ve been in a meeting for around 4 hours and have had to reapply lip balm (I use aquaphore) about 6 times. I’m not drinking or talking, and not licking my lips. Where is it going?

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Economics ELI5: How does raising interest rates combat inflation on basic goods?


People can't choose to stop buying these things like basic foods, energy etc. so how is raising interest rates supposed to help?

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Biology ELI5: ADHD Paralysis


What is it and why does the body do it? It seems like the mind is telling the person to do something but one cannot get themselves to actually do it.

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Engineering ELI5: How do the new airplane windows that turn dark using a button work?


I was on a flight recently that had the dimmer style windows instead of the old style where you would just pull down a shade. I wondered how the glass could be made to go darker or lighter at the push of a button?

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Engineering ELI5: Do the ridged roofs on the houses in Bermuda actually increase rain capture?


Saw a video recently looking at houses in Bermuda and rain collection. They claimed that the ridges on the roof increase the surface area in order to increase rain capture. Surely rainfall is even over a surface regardless of terrain and therefore a ridged roof would collect the same amount as a smooth slopes roof?

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Biology Eli5: why do we kill livestock when theyre infected like an epidemic even though it wont affect us humans


We had an livestock epidemic outbreak and it say it doenst affect human if we eat it why do we kill it ?

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Technology ELI5: Why do colors from RAW images look different than "raw" colors in real life?


Colors from RAW images look different than "raw" colors in real life and somehow... "ugly". Of course these files needs post-processing so the colors of those will be better and life-like, but I think there is something about the camera, the sensor... so that RAW files look like that.

I'm looking forward to reading interesting explanations from you guys!

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Other Eli5 market analysis in forex


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Chemistry ELI5: why does a brass door knob 1920s look so different than one from the 1980s?


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Technology ELI5: Why and How some offline single-player PC games are almost fully moddable while other are not moddable at all ?


Is it strictly a developer decision to allow thier games to be moddable or not ? And how is it achieved ? Are moddable games "coded" differently than non-moddable games ?

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Engineering ELI5: Why do manual cars/motorcycles stall if you don’t give them gas as you let go of the clutch?


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Technology ELI5: What does "regular" mean in regular expression?


Like, I know regex's are used for pattern matching in strings to do stuff like search and replace, but for a bunch of related strings instead of just a single specific string. But what I don't get is what exactly makes an expression "regular". I was looking at Wikipedia, which gives the formal definition of a regular language and a regular grammar as being a language/grammar that follows a specific set of rules, which it lists, but the rules are really abstract and hard to understand the way they're worded. Can I get a simple explanation, in layman's terms, of what exactly it means?

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Biology ELI5: What exactly do skincare products such as cleanser and moisturiser do to the skin?